BTC Boutique Resort Hua Hin Thailand

Three Floor Seaview Pool Villa

Blossom 梅 – Three Bedroom Pool Villa

Blossom , especially of plum trees, is a symbol of re-birth and integrity in traditional Chinese mythology. Flowering in cold weather, Blossom is seen as a symbol of thriving against adversity and of perseverance. Attributes considered highly esteemed by a traditional gentleman. Blossom is a large family unit on the ground[…]

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Chrysanth 菊 – Two Bedroom Suite with Deck

Chrysanthemum is a symbol of long life and intellectual accomplishment in traditional Chinese mythology. The ‘Gentleman of Flowers’ is seen to represent propriety and elegance. Drinking tea from it’s dried flowers is regarded as a curative, cleanser and promoter of long life. Chrysanthemum is a two bedroom, two bathroom, second floor suite with its’s own private[…]

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Bamboo 竹 – Studio with Balcony

Bamboo is a symbol of honesty and moral integrity, as well as longevity in traditional Chinese mythology. A metaphor for Summer, Bamboo represents youth, vitality, strength, suppleness and endurance, the perfect balance of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ in natural form. Bamboo is a studio second floor suite with its’s own private covered balcony with seating and offering a bright but shaded[…]

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Peony 牡丹 – Studio with Seaview

Peony is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and abundance in traditional Chinese mythology and is offered as a good omen for Weddings. A metaphor for Spring-time, Peony represents female beauty and fertility. The multi-layered flower with many petals represents a abundance of life. Thus also symbolic of peace and plenty.   Peony is a studio[…]

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