BTC Boutique Resort Hua Hin Thailand

Food and Fun in Hua Hin 吃喝玩乐在华欣

This is some information which we have put together over the last few years regarding the food and fun to be had in Hua Hin and nearby to Baan Talay Chine. It does not cover the whole Hua Hin area, just a few ideas to share with you!

Where to eat-
Breakfast- Our hotel serves continental breakfast delivered to your villa or suite,  you can choose western style which includes croissant, bread, sausage, ham… or Thai style breakfast and they are all served with tea or fresh coffee. You can ask the receptionist to change a different breakfast everyday if you wish. Thai breakfast is very interesting and tasty, you can try “Kao Men Ghai” which is a steamed chicken with rice and soup.  “Kao Tom” is a congee with shrimp, pork or chicken with many spices. You can also ask for soup or dry noodles.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner- I will write below in a order from the closest to the furthest from our hotel. If you motorbike or walk along the Naebkehardt Rd (the road from in front of our hotel running south, about 1 km to downtown). You will see the restaurants below on the right (west) and left (east i.e. the sea side). Dune – This is a good place to go up 5th floor to have a evening drink and enjoy the view.  2-3 minutes walk from our hotel. Baan Itsara – This beach front seafood restaurant is very popular for people from Bangkok, so try not go there on Friday and Saturday. There are seafood which you can choose to BBQ, steam, or cook in spicy curry or soup. There is one dish which is one of their signature dishes which is “clam or shrimp cook in a hot plate with fresh green pepper and basil paste”. Please show our room key to receive 5 or 10% discount. 5 minutes walk from our hotel.

Baan You Yen Balcony – Similar style as Baan Itsara, beach front, great view. I would recommend “crab meat in hong kong style curry” (name does not sound good! but it tastes very good), ” Ka Moo Tor” which is pork knuckle cooked slowly then baked crispy, served with spicy sauce and pickle vegetables. ” Shrimp cakes” and ” Coconut tip salad” is also good. 10 minutes walk from hotel. ” Yod ma la” is stir fried bitter gourd leaves with garlic. It’s about 10 minutes walk from Hotel.

‘Old Man’ Noodles Shop – This no name place is where I go for my noodles everyday when I am there. It’s own by a family (you will find they all talk very loudly). You will see an old man standing behind the noodles stand cooking. They make their own fish balls, fish cakes, BBQ pork all very fresh and traditional. This is what locals eat for their breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner. They don’t speak English. If you go just point at what you want, if you want noodles with soup

noodles 1
noodles 4noodles 3say   “nam soup”, if you want it dry say  “hang”. You may have to ask Khun Napit to show you where this one is. It’s opposite the wine bar called “Mondo Vino”, just past the Putahracsa hotel on the left side of the road. Motorbike 3 minutes from hotel.

 Inda Shabu Shabu – Eat all you can eat Thai style Hot Pot, clean, good value, good service. Can sit outdoors or indoors. opposite the old man noodles shop, motorbike 3 minutes.
Putahracsa – The best happy hour place on the Naebkehardt Rd., this is very nice 5 star hotel on the beach close to our hotel with a very pretty sitting area with sea-views. Buy one get one free alcohol/ non alcohol drinks from 5-7 pm, Thursdays has tapas with all drinks included only 699 Baht net.
Small Night Market food stand Street – Pass Soi 51,you will see this street with lots food stands and lots people sitting on the street eating. This only open after 5 pm. You will not miss the smoke and smell coming out from the cooking and BBQ. There BBQ Chicken, Pork and ” Som Tam Thai” (this is type of papaya salad without raw crab, only papaya, tomato and chili are very tasty, noodles stands, Phat Thai …… You can buy it and take back to your villa to eat. Good food for late night snacks.
Corner Shop (Zheng Shen正盛) – This is a landmark restaurant in a traditional teak wooden shop house, with old style wood and marble tables. Very obvious as always busy, on the corner of Naebkehardt Road and Dechanuchit Road which has the main night market. They do a range of breakfasts, lunch has some great satay and other dishes you order from different vendors outside, they have lots of Thai style tea and coffee drinks too. No one really speaks English so you just walk around, smile and point at what you want and they bring them to your table. You pay your bill to one person, who then divides up all the money between vendors for you. There specialty is an early evening, 5pm – 8.30pm is ‘shabu-shabu’ in a clay pot with charcoal, seafood, meat and vegetables, Very good. Go there early as they close at 9am SHARP, they will throw you out on the street by then if you have not finished! You can bring your own wine, their beer is cheap and cold. There is English manu. On weekends, you will see lots tourists lining up for seats so very hard to get a spot as they do not take reservations!

Chaolay2Chao Lay Seafood – From the corner shop going inland is the main Petchakasem Road and the main night market. In the other direction towards the sea the road ends at a the beach where there are many seafood restaurants out on piers running all the way from the fishing harbor to the Hilton.

Our favorite of these is called Chao Lay and is the first one you see coming from the corner shop. It is normally the Chaolay4Chaolay3busiest, not just because of location, but because of food quality, variety and service. Thai style raw (sushi?) oysters and shrimps, salt baked fish, one day dried squid, squid steam with lemon, garlic and chili and mud crab curry  this is their signature dish) are all excellent. Great sea view and breeze. This is a place you must go. Motorbike 7-10 minutes.

brass 2 1920x850

La Brasserie – Along from Chao Lay towards the fishing harbour are a number of western style restaurants too. Our favorite is this French style one which has excellent service, tremendous views, great and affordable wine selection and a food offering which varies from excellent value set menus to the some of the best haute cuisine options in Hua Hin. An outstanding choice mid week for a quiet romantic dinner.

La Grappa – There are many Italian restaurants in Hua Hin, so when you want a change we suggest La Grappa. It is located at the end of Soi Binthabaht which is the main ‘bar street’ in Hua Hin running from the Hilton inland towards the main temple, La Grappa is on the corner near the temple. The food and service is excellent, though not the cheapest, the decor / ambiance about the best.

Night Markets – There are 4 night markets nearby. There are 2 on Naebkehardt Road. Please ask our receptionist for directions or check on the map. Visit the biggest one, good place for buying souvenir (-remember to bargain) and try some street food.
There is so much more we could write but just want to give a taste of our experience to make your stay more enjoyable. Remember for the latest news and ideas on outings or meal options ask at reception for their ideas. Have fun!