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Sunrise from the beach in front, 100 meters from BTC…

A two and a half hour drive from Bangkok located in Hua Hin. This traditional fishing village has long been a preferred recreation location for Bangkok residents, who have built holiday homes in the area. Most notably the Royal Family retain many palaces and homes in the nearby area.

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Location-30nov15Over the last 20 years along with much of Thailand’s coastal areas, tourism development has been extensive and Hua Hin now boasts nearly all major 5-star hotel chains as well many retail, entertainment, fine and ethnic dining facilities to meet the desires and budgets of all types of travelers. At the same time the town has remained fundamentally the sleepy coastal fishing village it always was, with traditional teak houses, tree lined thoroughfares, Chinese family trading shop houses, wooden fishing boats, busy temples, crowded markets, all side by side with the new found trappings of the tourism industry. It is not hard at all to scratch the surface and pierce the screen to find the ‘real’ Hua Hin that seems not to have changed at all.

As a major domestic tourism center, Hua Hin retains a lot more authentic Thai food than some other tourist locations. Spicy dishes and fresh seafood abound, especially squid, as squid fishing has long been and continues to be a core local industry. In addition, there are many good quality western style restaurants for all budgets from fast food to haute cuisine. Pricing generally is substantially lower than Bangkok.

位于泰国首都曼谷南方约两百公里处的华欣市,从曼谷开车2小时30分钟车程,就在市中心和海滩平行的Naebkethart路上,走路到前面海滩只要两三分钟,酒店的前面是皇宫的公园,我们酒店的二楼和三楼都看的到海,皇宫前面的海滩是非常安静的,不允许香蕉船和水上摩托车在此营业。当地的居民喜欢在这里游泳散步钓鱼捉螃蟹, 5-10分钟步行就可以到海边有名的海鲜餐厅有 Itsara,You Yan Balcony ,和西式餐厅Coco 51, Livingroom…等等, 还有很多咖啡厅,小吃面店及五星级酒店 Putahracsa Resort及全家和7-11便利店. 国王开的有机超市The Golden Place也是走路5分钟就到了。步行15分钟可以到附近小夜市,步行20分钟可以到华欣大夜市。

不论是到海边游泳或参加各式水上活动,或是到海豚湾坐船出海垂钓,或至附近的国家公园爬山,泛舟,骑自行车…等都很方便!附近有八个高尔夫球场,两个大型综合商场 Market Village 和 Blue Port及亚洲最大水上乐园。夜晚可到夜市逛街购物,吃各式各样的泰国风味小吃,更可到酒吧街喝酒听音乐….

View from beach close-by resort, south towards Hua Hin Town
View from beach close-by resort, south towards Hua Hin Town

Distance from BTC to most popular landmarks in Hua Hin


  • Beach in front 最近海滩 0.1 km
  • Itsara Seafood Restaurant 海鲜餐厅 0.5 km
  • Klai Kangwon Palace 忘忧宫 0.4 km
  • Plearnwan 往日情怀 1.1 km
  • Market Village Shopping Mall 大型购物商场2.3 km
  • Blue Port Shopping Mall 大型购物商场2.9 km
  • Hua Hin Fishing Pier 华欣码头 1.3 km
  • Hua Hin Night Market 华欣夜市 1.6 km
  • Zheng Sheng Food Court 正盛小吃店 1.7 km
  • Hua Hin Clock Tower华欣钟楼 1.7 km
  • Hua Hin Train Station华欣火车站 2 km
  • Cicada Market 跳蚤市场 5.9 km
  • Black Mountain Water Park  黑山水上乐园 8.9 km
  • Vana Nava Hua Hin Jangle 水上乐园 5.9 km
  • Pranburi Forest Park 森林公园 19 km
  • Sam Rot Yod National Park 三百峰国家公园 39 km

Located on the sea shore many activities abound on nearby beaches, from lazing and sun-bathing, taking a relaxing massage or for those so inclined kite surfing, jet ski-ing and other water sports. Sight seeing opportunities abound at historic temples and palaces nearby as well as eco-tourism opportunities in the nearby Sam Roi Yod and Kaeng Krachan National Parks.

View from nearby beach south during winter season